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Diagonalization by unitary flows
V. Bach, TU Braunschweig
05.2015 Cologne

Periodic orbits and spectral statistics for (pseudo-)arithmetic chaos
P. Braun, U Duisburg-Essen
05.2015 Cologne

T. Wurzbacher, U Bochum and A. Alldridge, U Cologne
05.2015 Cologne

Friction and geometry in Lindbladian dynamics
G.M. Graf, ETH Zürich
05.2015 Cologne

Evolutionary games of condensates in driven-dissipative systems of non-interacting bosons
J. Knebel, LMU München
05.2015 Cologne

Bose condensation phenomena in driven open quantum systems
S. Diehl, TU Dresden
05.2015 Cologne

The crystal-glass transition from a random matrix model for disordered phonons
S. Schmittner, U Cologne
05.2015 Cologne

Proximity effects on a topological surface
I. Eremin, U Bochum
05.2015 Cologne

Quench dynamics in quantum many-body systems in one dimension
N. Andrei, Rutgers University
05.2015 Cologne

Topological Kondo effect in Majorana fermion systems
B. Beri, U of Birmingham
05.2015 Cologne

Non-abelian symmetries in tensor networks
A. Weichselbaum, LMU München
05.2015 Cologne

Quantum Jost operators and exact overlaps in the Kondo problem
H. Saleur, CEA Saclay
05.2015 Cologne

Entanglement negativity and quantum field theory
P. Calabrese, SISSA Trieste
05.2015 Cologne

The classical entropy of quantum states
J.P. Solovej, U of Copenhagen
05.2015 Cologne

Large block behaviour for the entanglement entropy of disordered free fermions
L. Pastur, Kharkov University
05.2015 Cologne

Semiclassical quantum states associated to isotropic submanifolds of phase space: Their calculus and applications
A. Uribe, U of Michigan
05.2015 Cologne

Equidistribution for zeros of holomorphic sections of singular Hermitian line bundles
X. Ma, U Paris Diderot
05.2015 Cologne

Spectral distribution of random matrices and free probability
F. Götze, U Bielefeld
05.2015 Cologne

Recent progress on products of random matrices
M. Kieburg, U Bielefeld
05.2015 Cologne

Disordered topological quantum wires: Anderson localization revisited
D. Bagrets, U Cologne
05.2015 Cologne

The ground state energy of heavy atoms
M. Handrek, LMU München
05.2015 Cologne

Non-existence of zero modes of the massless Dirac operator
H. Kalf, LMU München
05.2015 Cologne

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